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Welcome to ACI Del Peru : Learn Spanish in Peru

aci del peru ACI DEL PERUACI del Perú is a recognized Spanish School located in Arequipa, Perú that provides qualified teachers to foreigners in a city where Spanish is said to be the most standard in Latin America. Spanish teachers have degrees in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition which allows them to teach Spanish according to the standard levels of Second/Foreign Language Teaching or to the particular students’ needs, interests and time.

Moreover, ACI del Perú is located in a city recognized not only because its Spanish is probably the most accurate and standard in Latin America; but is also famous for being a unique place for its constantly sunny weather, friendly and welcoming people, amazing culture, touristic attractions and delicious food. All these conditions make Arequipa and ACI del Perú the perfect place to get immersed culturally and linguistically in a Spanish-speaking city!. 

Location in Arequipa:

The Institute is located near the heart of the city center, a few blocks from the Main Square; close to the Universities and many historical architectural buildings of cultural and tourist interest. The city center also includes shopping centers and handicraft shops.  We invite you to learn the rich Spanish language in a personalized, practical, dynamic and easy way. We share living experiences and provide temporary lodging in the very hospitable city of Arequipa, also known as "The White City ". Arequipa, moreover, is the second most important city in Peru, committed to the safekeeping of the Spanish language and its rich culture.


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